Life beyond words


True spirituality may begin with a sort of going back to our experience of life prior to language, when we felt things about our social lives and communicated in all sorts of rich ways, including body language, signs and dramatic acts.There is a vast realm of life that we simply do not describe in words. Other social animals, like this fox, negotiate their complex lives without using words. Human beings also have some extraordinary abilities to communicate without using words, but we need to recognise how vital these skills are.

The touch, the glance, the smile – these things are so important to us  that without them we shrivel up inside.

The community, the team, the family – are so real, but the experience is beyond words. How do you capture the warmth of a good family, the exhilaration of the goal, or the strength that comes from feeling part of a community?

Trust – building trust with those around us is a skill we share with other social animals, like the wolf pack, or the elephant herd, and it is something that is done largely ‘beyond words’. Trust is a key to healthy community life. The greatest and most authentic freedom we can ever know is not the freedom from all constraint, but the freedom to live within a healthy system of trust.

Try keeping silence with someone for a little and yet continuing to gently communicate. Don’t try to make complex instructions, but aim to live the simple things, without words. I anticipate a deepening of your relationship with that person and a pathway opening up to a new level of experience.