Hearing the cry


IMG_0900 500In any place and at any time there are those who are crying out. And the question is always ‘Can we hear?’

We need to hear the cry of others as we journey through our lives. it is the means by which we are saved from hardness of heart.

Good societies must also have a means by which their authorities can be challenged, where the voice of marginalised and unjustly treated people can be heard.

History has proven that Kings and Princes, governors and parliaments can all too easily abuse their power, develop narrow and false interpretations of their situation, scapegoat minorities and generally act against the best interests of their people, if there are no structures of challenge built into their systems of governance.

Every argument in a complex society depends on being able to hear.

An era in which the normal structures of challenge in society are failing and yet there is a very real need for change can be characterised as a Prophetic Age. This is a time when the society needs the word from outside of itself.